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Venues & Celebrants


Funerals are for those who are left behind to celebrate someone’s life and these day there are no hard and fast rules. If a person was a member of a local organisation the family may choose to hold the service at the club rooms. Or perhaps there was a beach, garden or special place you want to remember them at.

It’s about being appropriate and choosing something that reflects the memory of the person who has gone.

In small communities, it’s not uncommon to have hundreds of people wanting to pay their lasts respects, so the venue must be able to cope with the number of mourners you’re expecting,

We can provide you with a list of venues that we know are happy to host funerals and will work with you to find something suitable.


While many people are active members of a church, not everyone has religious beliefs.

We can provide you with a list of celebrants to contact. You will know the type of service that is most appropriate and which celebrant would best reflect the beliefs and personality of the person being remembered.

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